You’ve probably seen James Bond make baccarat seem like a piece of cake. He plays with such elegance in his movie Dr. No. He brings poise and sophistication to a game.

Do you also want to learn the ways of 007 and play baccarat like James Bond?

Before you begin, you must know the etiquettes of baccarat. There is a certain demeanor required for the game. A particular image of royalty.


Why Are The Etiquettes of Baccarat Important?

Baccarat is different from other gambling games. It is a game of the elite. Baccarat is usually played by high-rollers who are willing to put a lot at stake.

Knowing the etiquette of a game is important. You need to show the other players that you are playing with good know-how of the game. Otherwise, you will look like a fool.

Here, we’ve compiled a few unspoken rules of the baccarat table.


#1: Know the Game

Before you sit on the baccarat table, you must know the game and its rules. While the game isn’t really complicated, you should know the basics. Like the three hands – the Player, the Banker and the Tie. And the aim of the game is to bet on which hand will reach a score of 9 first.


#2: Be Social and Considerate 

Baccarat is a very social game. So, make sure to keep a good conversation between the players.

Also, be considerate of your players with regard to smoking, language, and space. Always remember it’s just a game. There’s no need to get violent and abusive if you do lose. Everyone is here for some fun and relaxation.


#3: Handling the Cards

Some versions of baccarat don’t allow players to touch the cards. This is more common in Asian casinos.

If you aren’t allowed to touch the cards, make sure the cards are on the table and not hiding on your lap. They have to be out in the open for the dealer to see.


#4: Handling the Shoe

In some versions of baccarat, they allow us to deal with the cards. It could go around the table, or you could be the dealer.

If you are the dealer, you have to deal with one card at a time. It doesn’t matter if you are slow at first.


#5: Collecting Your Winnings

Be patient when collecting your winnings. Give the dealer some time to organize the winnings and distribute them properly.

Also remember, to tip your dealers generously. Its common etiquette to tip your dealer about 5% of your winnings.


Where to Play Online Baccarat?

These etiquettes of playing baccarat are commonly seen in casinos if you are new to the game you would want to learn these rules before stepping into a casino.

If you are looking at a quick game of baccarat during your busy day, you can start playing online baccarat.

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