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Try AURA - New & Relaxing Way To Combat Jet Lags

Jet lag refers to the group of symptoms that we experience after rapid travel across time zones. Jet lag occurs because the body clock, driving our daily rhythms in our physiology and behaviour, can't instantaneously shift to the new destination time.

There are medications but they dont always work so this is where AURA comes in handy. It takes the guesswork out of meditating and the torture out of jet lag so you feel enlightened upon arrival.

Designed primarily for business travelers and frequent flyers, it provides a personal place of serenity and relaxation using an immersive combination of virtual reality and light/sound therapy.

During a flight, users can place headphones over the head and extend the retractable visor down for complete isolation. Then, the environment of their choice can be selected with custom options for scenery and sound. They can also choose to follow a number of guided meditations to destress, unwind or refocus the mind in preparation for their journey.

Designers: Ju Chia Lee, John Cao, Cheng Fu Hsieh & Ming Hung Lin
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