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Documentary: The Secret Mars Colony

Are you worried the government has interests and endeavors they don't want you to know anything about, and that there are rich and powerful people all around us that have access and influence you will never have? Then UFOTV's The Secret Mars Colony is very likely right up your alley.

The film looks at man's interest, exploration, and the pursuit of habitation of our closest planetary neighbor from a hyper-conspirative perspective, theorizing a number of the widely-accepted truths about Mars are in fact merely propaganda. Some of the ideas presented:
  • Mars is being prepared as a survival colony in the event of what is thought to be an imminent catastrophe that will leave Earth basically uninhabitable. This inevitability of planetary demise is pitched as having been known since as far back as the 1950's when top-secret government summits with the world's most enlightened scientific minds presented data, not unlike the notions of global warming. Predictions as early as our previous (2000's) decade were made as to when these events could occur.
  • That Mars was colonized by mankind in the mid-20th century and has been populated by strategically selected specialists since that time. Travel between Earth and Mars has been an ongoing and rather routine practice during this entire time span, with teleportation (utilizing technology stemming from wormhole-like physics concepts) being the chief mode of transportation. "...travel across large distances is best done using portals. Anything else is really...it's just inefficient."
  • An elite class of Americans, President Eisenhower's great-granddaughter being a vocal member of that group, have been presented the opportunity to opt into these "escape programs" on a rolling basis throughout the years.
  • "The NASA that we've known for 50 years has been a lie." The idea that NASA is an open civilian scientific organization is a front and rather was actually formed for the purpose of achieving all the aforementioned technological advancements for governmental utilization only.
The narrator is adamant in the closing minutes of the film that the data presented is not intended as proof the government has colonized Mars, then in his next point turns the conversation to whether Disney's (atrocious) 2012 film "John Carter" could have been a glimpse at the government's portal-based interstellar travel technology.

It certainly is a presentation of a number of bold ideas, but only the most skeptical will be able to buy into most of the ideas here.
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