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Huawei's Watch 3 Could be Packing a Pair of Built-in Earbuds

Huawei was granted a patent by The World Intellectual Property Organization for a wearable device storing a Bluetooth headset.

The images used on the patent show a smartwatch, possibly revealing the brand's plans for a Huawei Watch 3. A smartwatch that houses earbuds would have its advantages: for starters, no more forgetting your headset, they'd always be waiting to take your calls or play music.

But how can the two be combined in a wearable design?

First spotted by LetsGoDigital, the patent doesn't suggest just one design but rather outlines multiple storage possibilities, including sliding them into cylinder compartments between the band and the watch face, on either side.

This could work on a larger wrist, as it would likely result in a rather bulky case. The other option proposed is storing them on the underside of the wrist in a small container where a buckle would normally rest.

The earbuds could also be designed to be water-resistant, according to tech blog Engadget, which notes that there could a spring-release mechanism used to attach the buds.

This could shed some light on what Huawei are planning for their Watch 3, however it could be that this innovative solution never makes it to market.

Other specifications, release date and pricing for Huawei's Watch 3 all remain unclear, although there are some suggestions that an introduction could take place at next year's Mobile World Congress as was the case with the brand's Watch 2 in 2017.

It's likely though that it won't be coming to retail in the near future as the brand's latest smartwatch, Huawei Watch 2 2018, was just launched last May.

Available with nano SIM or eSIM, the wearable can connect to 4G networks so users can text and receive calls directly from their wrists.
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