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This is How Future Grand Parents Will Get Around

Not only limited to grandparents, the Honda MODULAR concept explores how urban dwellers of all ages might travel in the year 2030.

The transforming design consists of a single-passenger cockpit and two wheels fitted with a gyroscopic system for balancing. It’s also equipped with futuristic audio and AI controls that eliminate the need for a full instrument cluster and control panel.

It’s the changing modes of transportation, however, that truly set it apart. In its open form, both children and elderly users can sit in the chair and input (or have their caretakers input) the destination.

The compact vehicle will operate autonomously to get them safely from points A to B within the city. Ideal for kids or those with mobility impairments, it can easily transport the passenger to/from school or the store to run errands.

In its collapsed form, it transforms into a self-balancing mono-wheel scooter that can be ridden like a motorcycle. Not only thrilling, it’s also practical for navigating through traffic during last-mile commutes.

Designer: Guillaume Mazerolle
Via Yanko Design
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