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Facebook Patents Tech For 'Emotion Detecting' Selfie Filters

Facebook has patented a technology that will help reduce your confusion while choosing selfie filters.

The patent describes a technology to identify an emotion and automatically select a mask or filter based on that, Mashable reported. The emotion-detecting software will be able to, for instance, detect happiness from a smiling face and suggest a happy panda face filter, or detect anger and select angry bird filter and so on.

Facebook Stories has also been added with a new feature that will allow you to finally react to the content. The reactions, akin to the standard Facebook feed, allow you to use Like, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry, and Love as a feedback to Stories. The six reactions replace the regular emoji replies.

Facebook is also adding two new interactive stickers - a flame and a laughing smile - to Stories.

There's also an addition of group reply feature to Stories for more engagement. As Facebook has grown into a network of more than two billion people globally it has lost its luster for younger users who made up a core base.

While Facebook has become one of the world's most valuable and powerful companies, it's no longer seen as a cool destination for teens, who are turning to Snapchat and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.
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