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Meet TAP: A Wearable Mouse & Keyboard of The Future

This is Tap, a wireless keyboard and mouse attached to your fingers, Tap lets your fingers control and communicates through the Bluetooth-connected devices you’re used to.

Mouse your way through, and tap in corrections, messages and more with just one hand and any surface. Physical connection to the device is no longer required, and neither is being able to see or feel a keyboard. It’s not futuristic; it’s the embodiment of a next-generation lifestyle.

Tap co-founder Sabrina Kemeny demonstrated the Tap while attending the Game Developers Conference here in San Francisco. It’s a testament to how well she feels the device works that she evaded telling me how to use it directly; instead, she watched as I opened the box, slipped it on, and learned to type by making gestures alone by following the instructions in the TapGenius app. Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru, might be proud.

Tap couldn’t be simpler. A comfortable strap sits at the base of your fingers and senses gestures and finger taps to provide text input and control. The optical mouse attached to your thumb effortlessly guides your cursor and game controls.

Charging and Carrying

Charging and carrying your tap is very easy and convenient. The Tap case is a stylish and portable charging case that keeps your TAP safe when you aren’t using it. The case contains a small but powerful charger that extends TAP battery life to 8 days. Tap, carry, tap, repeat.

The Tap Alphabet

It’s a little like learning a new language, and, in fact, Kemeny tells me the Tap’s a bit of a hit among the blind, who find it speedier and less cumbersome than using a Braille keyboard. It’s especially useful in this age of text messages, as it allows them to join in the conversations with little awkwardness.

Tap uses a proprietary alphabet system that was designed from the ground up to be easier to learn than typing and much faster than texting – all one-handed. Tap Genius™ is more than a “how-to”. The simple game and mnemonics teach you to tap so quickly you’ll forget you’re learning.

The vowels correspond to taps of my hand’s five fingers, so A, E, I, O, and U are mapped from the thumb to the pinky. Want to type a space? Tap with all five fingers at once.

Tap Apps

While new applications are being developed all the time (developers learn more here), there are
Tap-designed apps that make learning and using Tap more fun. Of course your own apps – messaging, word processing, productivity and more – all work just fine.
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