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If There Will be An Apple iCar, This is How it Will Look Like

There have been so many concept iCars around, I’m guessing Apple is just as tired as I am. Not many designers focus on the driving experience though. Just the outer body.

Designer Matias Papalini imagined the dashboard complete with an interactive wide touchscreen. The steering wheel is completely detachable and can dock into the dashboard to enter ‘driving-mode’.

Unplug the wheel and you’re in auto-pilot mode. Not just that, you can watch movies in an almost-cinemascope style experience! The dashboard, however, is just half the magic.

Your steering wheel has functionality that allows you to manipulate content on your dashboard. Not just that, you can dock your iPhone in your steering wheel for more convenient access. Cool right?! Tim Cook, I hope you’re listening!

Designer: Matías Papalini
via Yankoo Design
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