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Will You Replace Your Daily Meals With These Colorful Bars

Food is more than nutrition for many of us,  it creates social bonds however for those looking for an easy and healthy alternative this new idea can be the way to go.

Human Food is the world's first Daily Nutrition Bar designed specifically for people on a plant-based diet, but that's good for anybody. It's Paleo, prebiotic, high in antioxidants, contains no gluten, no grains and no added sugar. It's made of 100% organic whole foods and organic extracts, selected and balanced for optimal taste and bio-availability.

Human Food is not 100% of what you need each day but it contains 100% of the recommended intake (RI) of Vitamin B12 and 50% of the Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin D and Omega 3, plus over 12g of protein, as well as whole daily amounts of between 4 functional ingredients.

“I haven't heard of anything as nutritionally dense and as unique. I’ve searched for a bar like this since going plant-based - not only addressing the macros - but also the micro-nutrients.” - Dr Hamed Kamil MBBS - Practicing physician / certified in plant-based nutrition / Nutrionfacts.org Medical Moderator.


When you eat whole foods you're not consuming single nutrients but a whole range of vitamins, minerals, co-factors and enzymes which combined enable optimal use by the body. Without these additional compounds, synthetic nutrients may not be used by the body in the same way as their natural counterparts.

 All of the Vitamins and minerals in Human food come from organic plants, which means they are complex and in their most bio-available forms.


One of the biggest challenges with Human Food's development has been making something which still tastes good 5 days a week, even after a year. By selecting and balancing over 30 organic whole foods to create a taste so complex you never get bored of it, and so smooth you know it's delicious but can't quite say what the flavour is. This is so Human Food stays enjoyable every day and so you can make own flavours by adding different fruit to smoothies.


Human Food costs £3.30 per Daily Nutrition Bar. It costs more than a snack bar and less than lunch. Unlike a snack bar or a sandwich, Human Food contains a solid nutritional base on which to easily complete an organic, plant-based diet that includes whole daily amounts of functional ingredients.

If you like the idea support Human Food on Kickstarter 

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