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pLaces - The World’s first GPS Shoe Laces

Around one million children go missing around the world every year, and of these only, 2% are actually found or return home.

Here is one idea to prevent it, the world’s first GPS shoelaces, The pLaces. They’re unique with global range, almost invisible, light, smart with a safe zone, waterproof and highlighted with seamless design. Long battery life,  activity monitoring & localization for loved ones is a must!

The pLaces come with a Kevlar and carbon-fibre construction. Designed to be absolutely unbreakable, the shoelaces are the perfect partner on one of those crazy off-the-grid treks or trails.

The GPS chip inside pairs with your phone and connects to the pLaces application, allowing you to track or bookmark your travels or share your route/location with others. The GPS-enabled laces can charge wirelessly via the pLaces clip charger and works with any shoe. It also comes with a 4-week battery life.

The fact that you, the wearer, send your location to others makes it less of a privacy-breach-nightmare.

With the ability to track the laces across 166 countries (practically the entire world), the pLaces can be a literal life-saver, allowing people to reach you if something untoward were to happen. Now if only they had an SOS function too…

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Designer: Honza, Oxana, Goran Kruhonja & Salman Abdulnabi.
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