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A Futuristic Rotating Skyscraper is Coming to Dubai by 2020

The city of UAE is known for its luxury shopping and ultra-modern architecture. Well, keeping up with its reputation, Dubai will get world’s first rotating skyscraper. The skyscraper will be built by 2020.

The idea of the skyscraper was proposed by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher. The plan to build the skyscraper has been planned since 2008 and will go by the name Dynamic Tower Hotel.

Dynamic Tower Hotel will be 1,375 feet tall and have 80 storeys which will be capable of rotating individually around its concrete core. It means that guest living in the hotel will have a 360-degree view of Dubai. What is more interesting is that the residents will be able to control the rotation speed and also stop their apartment from spinning with voice commands.

David Fisher. 

The skyscraper is supposed to be completely self-powered, reportedly featuring as many as 79 horizontal-lying wind turbines between each floor. There will also have roof-mounted solar panels.

Dynamic Architecture’s on its official website has written,”Indeed, it will no longer be a ‘hotel’ but a new product in line with today’s life. How many stars? This ‘hotel’ will be beyond stars.” It added,”This dynamic experience will offer exclusive services, luxurious accommodation and facilities for the traveller with the most cutting-edge technologies, whether for business or leisure.”

Interestingly, with so many futuristic features at one place, each apartment would cost a whopping sum of $ 30 million, as per a report by Mashable.

The total cost of the construction is expected to be over £350 million, as per Independence report. Moreover, Fisher has planned to raise similar buildings in London, Paris, Moscow and New York.
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