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Transwheel Concept – Ultimate Land Delivery Drones

Israeli industrial designer Kobi Shikar has come up with the concept of a parcel delivery drone that will never get off the ground - and that’s just fine with him.

The Transwheel concept reimagines package distribution as a round-the-clock autonomous service carried out by robotic single-wheel drones that work independently and together to ensure timely, efficient delivery. Transwheel concept is formed as part of designer's personal vision about robots future in the field of transport in the urban environment.

The name of Transwheel created from the combination of the words trance that this is a shortcut for transportation and Wheel Of course he remembered his source. This conceptual project was created as part of project at Shenkar College High School education and design.

Gilad Davidy, a Shenkar lecturer who rides a personal transporter similar to Shikar’s conceptual robot, said his student’s vision is not science fiction.

“The concept is realistic,” Davidy said. He added: “Today there are drones, there is Google’s project that are all in the same territory, a vehicle, transportation tool, in the air, sea and ground that transports based on data from satellites and from all different kinds of social networks”.

Shikar now hopes to gain financial backing to develop the robot from concept to reality.

Each wheel features a self-balancing gyroscopic system, electric arms, and GPS-driven communication capability. Smaller parcels can be handled by a single robot while larger packages will be tag-teamed by an appropriate number of robots that self-configure to the package’s unique dimensions.

In addition, it has a rolling robot There are LED signal and enable it to be seem during the night other vehicles and persons on the roads. Also , these robots know how to get their own point of load if necessary when their battery is low.

Designer: Kobi Shikar
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