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Concept Adidas ONE/1 – Redefining Fitness & Performance

What looks like an incomplete wireframe may just be the most efficiently designed and unique looking running shoe yet. Made for the 40-yard dash, Daniel Coric’s shoe is completely bespoke, fits like a glove (for your foot), and focuses on delivering on performance by wrapping around your shoe, augmenting its abilities.

Taking spike positioning details from Adidas’ Track Spike and Combine Cleat, and taking into account wind flow analysis around the foot, Daniel developed the conceptual Adidas ONE/1. The ONE/1 wraps around your shoe like a second skin but doesn’t look like one.

Designed to be made out of interconnected cylindrical channels, the ONE/1’s design looks like a loosely woven mesh that’s breathable and effective. In fact, the cylindrical wraparound makes up the entire shoe. It stretches with ease, guides air around the foot efficiently while minimizing drag, and provides a secure yet spring-like quality, adding to the foot’s performance, making it better.

The ONE/1 also looks nothing short of incredible. The aesthetic it explores isn’t just new and unique, it also looks incredibly hard to replicate. Designed around your foot’s 3D scans, and wrapping around them in its spectacular fashion, the ONE/1 may boost your performance, but it’ll definitely boost your confidence!

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