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Caia: A Robot That Fills Your Home With Sunshine

Caia by Solenica is a smart natural lighting robot that brightens up your home with real sunlight, sending the sun where you need it most - all day long.

Just set her in a sunny spot inside or out, point in the direction you want to light, and Caia does the rest. And you never need to plug her in or recharge because she’s solar-powered!

Support Caia on Indigogo.

Caia is a long-term, low-maintenance solution for bringing real sunlight into your home. No installation, no construction, no supervision necessary — a powerful, cost-effective solution to your low-light problem.

And don't forget Caia's Universal Mount! Our Universal Mounting System makes Caia easier to use than ever before. With wall, balcony, and pole configurations, you can place Caia exactly where you need her.

Caia constantly takes light intensity readings using her sensor array, or ‘pointer’. Once you aim the pointer where you want to redirect sunshine, Caia's proprietary algorithm uses the light intensity values to position her motorized mirror at the correct angle to illuminate your chosen destination.

As the light source (aka the sun) moves through the sky, Caia makes micro adjustments to the mirror position to maintain the perfect angle of reflection that keeps the natural light flowing to the same place all day. And the best part…the sunlight she reflects also powers her. No external energy source required!

Production and preliminary delivery have begun! Checkout detailed shipping schedule here.
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