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From Earth With Love. Send Your Name To Mars, Courtesy NASA.

It may take some time before we step on Mars, however we can now send our names to the Red Planet, courtesy NASA.

The US space agency, known for its keenness for public interaction, is making a list of people who want to send their names to Mars. The first lot will be carried in a microchip aboard NASA's Orion spacecraft, set to take off on December 4. NASA will give every registered person a boarding pass. As on Friday, more than half million boarding passes were submitted, the NASA website said.

Picture of boarding K-temp with file name "MARS NASA"

The last day to register for Orion's inaugural flight is October 31. In case you miss the chance, don't fret. Quoting NASA, websites in the US said the agency will provide similar opportunities in future too.

How it's done 

Getting a boarding pass will take you less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is log on to this section of NASA's website and fill in details like name and email address, and click submit. An automated boarding pass will appear on the screen, which can be preserved as a souvenir.

By Simran Sidhi
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