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This Tiny Switch Can Hide All Your Online Footprints

Anonabox is a tiny box that can bring big changes to the way how things work online. Thier KICKSTARTER PROJECT currently underway claims to offer low-cost, completely secure anonymity on the internet through virtual private network technology implemented in hardware.

The Anonabox project seeks funding to scale up production of a small self-contained router that sits between a computer and broadband link and encrypts all internet access through the Tor network.

So what IS the anonabox?

The anonabox is a networking device that provides anonymous Internet access and encryption, and helps to bypass censorship in places where access to the Internet is limited.

Reliable Anonymity

The anonabox has been developed and refined for the sole purpose of running the open source software Tor, considered the best and most secure way to access the Internet anonymously. All traffic coming out of or going into your computer or network is encrypted this way.

The result is strong, secure anonymity. Using the anonabox hides your location, as well as all the other personal data that leaks through ordinary Internet use.

We noticed also that pageload times and end user experience is significantly faster than when running the Tor browser bundle software, because all the hard work is being done in the background by the anonabox.

Encryption for Everyone

The anonabox easily encrypts Internet usage with a simple device that secures all web traffic, not just the traffic coming from one program. No software to download or configure, no login credentials, no registration, just plug it in and your network connection is encrypted.

The anonabox also allows people to use programs over Tor that never supported it before or required complicated configuration like Skype, Safari and Filezilla, to name just a few. Also the default firewall configuration protects your computer or network from outside access.

Solving a Problem

In places where the government or private entities may try to control or limit access to the Internet, the Tor network allows access to the full, uncensored Internet, and also access to some parts of the web that are hidden even in uncensored places, like .onion domains.

However, most people who use tor access it through software called the Tor browser bundle, or Vidalia. This creates a problem because only web activity within that one program is sent over the Tor network, leaving everything else on your computer unprotected and potentially revealing your location and information about you over the regular web.

As more people use the Tor network, more people accidentally reveal information about themselves by using the software incorrectly, or by simultaneously running other software that compromises their security.

The anonabox uses Tor to allow anyone to access the Internet anonymously without having to install any software, and makes the encryption of the Tor network available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Open Source Security

No more backdoors! The anonabox provides better security than most available products because it is completely open source, and open hardware. Anyone can audit and browse the code, or download hardware schematics.

For this reason, it is guaranteed to be free from the documented back-doors and security flaws common to other commercially available routers. We welcome developers from around the world to create their own uses for the anonabox. We believe the device belongs to them and they are free to modify it any way they like.

By D. Weaver
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