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Forget Plastic Payment Cards, Just Swipe Your Hand To Pay

A Swedish startup has created a device that allows you to swipe your hand instead of using credit cards for payments. The biometric system scans the veins in hands to identify a person and approves payments in seconds.

Like fingerprints, no two humans have the same pattern of veins in their hands. So far, the company Quixter has set up 15 machines dotted around the campus of Lund University from which the founder, Fredrik Leifland, is a graduate in engineering. "There really is no way of committing fraud with this system. When you go to pay in the supermarket you enter the last four digits of your phone number and then you hold your hand above the sensor. The transaction takes less than 5 seconds," Leifland said.

To start using the payment system, people need to first register their social security number and phone number. A new user then has their palm scanned three times and receives an activation link via the Quixter website. After filling out some additional information that links their biometric profile to payment methods, they're good to go.
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