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Soon, Moss Powered Radio To Give Daily FM Fix

Stand by for the ultimate gardening programme. A Swiss designer has teamed up with scientists at the University of Cambridge to use one of the most prolific plants — moss — to power a radio. The device, nicknamed Moss FM, effectively turns moss into biological solar panels by tapping into the surplus electrons that moss creates during photosynthesis .

It's still early days: the radio only runs for a few minutes . But designer Fabienne Felder hopes this is just the start of a journey, comparing it to the beginning phases of solar energy research.

Extremely low-powered LCD screens had previously been powered by plants. I wanted to power something bigger, but I couldn't choose anything extreme, like a computer. I settled for a radio . Also because instead of the usual visual effect, you would actually get an aural effect, which I thought went nicely with plants, she said.

Felder admits that to get your morning radio fix would take about 10sq m of moss. But if you consider that, so far, the scientists — Paolo Bombelli, a biochemist , and Ross Denni, a plant expert — have only harnessed about 0.1% of the energy created by moss, then there is room for progress.

Felder is on a mission to promote moss: "People scrape it off their roofs, thinking it's some kind of weed. But mosses actually preserve the surface they grow on.

They also work as insulators and muffle noise," she said. "They have been used for anything from medicine and preservation, due to their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, to stuffing furniture , building, or even pottery . In Japan, they are a symbol for long life," Felder added.
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