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CELLTACK - The First Wearable Smartphone Docking System

A group of young entrepreneurs today revealed the Celltack system – a functional jewelry which is a wearable smartphone docking system that could redefine how people interact with mobile devices.

Celltack attaches a mobile touch screen device to the hand of the user by a strong magnetic force and allows a free navigation of the entire screen while providing the unique option to operate a mobile device safely and conveniently with just one hand. On their Indiegogocrowdfunding campaign during which customers can pre-order Celltack kits for exclusive prices from $10 to $99.

“Ever since the invention of the mobile touch devices the holding of the device was the limiting element for a comfortable interaction in particular when screens got bigger - until now. Celltack can change how we hold mobile devices and how we interact with them.” -LiebmerTrauschein, CEO & Founder.

In addition the Celltacksystem can also be used as a portable smartphone stand and a super sleek mount system at home or on route. The Celltack team has developed an interesting variety of accessories as protection cover, stationary docks, bike mounts and arm bands.

Monies raised through Indiegogo campaign will be used to manufacture all of the hardware and develop the Celltack application.The team aims to raise $40,000. Shipping is planned for Summer 2014.
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