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Romantimatic App Will Take Care Of Your Love Business

A new app that 'teaches' you to be romantic by reminding you to call your partner or send him or her a sweet text message has been developed. Greg Knauss, a web and software developer, has created the easy-to-use app called 'Romantimatic'.

Knauss, who has been married for 18 years, got the idea for the app after he realized that he sometimes forgets to tell his wife that he loves her.

"Even with the amazing technology we have in our pockets, we can fly through the day without remembering to send a simple 'I love you' to the most important person in our lives. Romantimatic can help," according to the app's description given on its website.

The app requires you to enter your partner's phone number and set the time and frequency with which you want to receive notifications, Mashable reported. The app sends a notification when it's time to call your partner or send them a text message. Users can choose from a set of text messages housed in-app such as "Totally swamped, but can't get you off my mind" or write their own.
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