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TAO WellShell Device Allows You To Workout Anywhere

A tiny new handheld device, which looks like a computer mouse, may allow you to work out from anywhere- a desk, plane seat or while watching TV.

The device called the Tao, unveiled at the 2014 International CES trade show in Las Vegas, looks similar to a computer mouse.

The Tao in combination with an app coaches users through 50 exercises related to isometrics - the science of applying pressure - and adds a gaming element, 'Mashable' reported.

By holding the device portion called Tao WellShell in the hands and pushing hard, its internal pressure sensor works users' muscles. It can also be used between the knees.

While pressing hard on each side, the bluetooth-connected app walks you through the exercise, audibly telling you to push more or less and how long to hold the pressure - typically each rep is 20 seconds with six-second rest periods.

In order to work out their abdominals, users push the Tao WellShell with both hands against the top of your thigh. The Tao app will then log the exercise and calories burned.

Philo Northrup, president and co-founder of Tao Wellness said the gadget will likely cost between USD 200-300, with a planned launch later this year.
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