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Documentary: How Our Future Life Will Be on Earth

What will our future look like? Floating cities, flying to work and travelling in cars capable of operating underwater? And how will technology advance to make use of our natural resources to help feed our growing population in such areas as food, water, and electricity?

The era of smog-filled skies will be over because fewer of us will be driving cars. There will no longer be the use of cars and roads as we’ll be piloting environmentally friendly personal vehicles between cities and under the seas. And we will never be lost again thanks to GPS-driven virtual mapping. Then again, with teleportation, we will not need to travel at all.

And, best of all, we’ll all have more time to enjoy the astounding advances in our near future, because we’ll all be living longer. A lot longer. Find out what we can expect to see in the future in this well-produced documentary.

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