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A Shampoo That Repairs Your Car Can Thicken Your Hair

Scientists claim to have developed a shampoo that thickens hair by using technology used to repair chipped car windscreens.

Filloxane , a new ingredient in the shampoo, works like the silica gel particles injected into chips in windscreens by getting inside individual strands of hair before bulking them up, researchers said.

The 'sol-gel' technology, which causes strands of hair to become more rigid and therefore to feel thicker, was unveiled at the Interactive Materials Research conference in Lubeck, Germany.

According to data presented at the meet, a shampoo containing a 10% concentration of filloxane could expand each hair strand by 60% and the product remained in the hair for up to 10 washes.

Hair strands are made up of bundles of filaments called microfibrils , which are cemented together into a macrofibril. Filloxane interacts with the proteins in microfibrils to form a bulkier matrix.
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