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Willie: A Transparent Bus Concept From Near Future

This is an urban transport concept from our near future, a clever mass-transit with a silly sounding name, the "Willie" bus by designer Tad Orlowski is intended to "transform city landscapes."

With nothing displayed on the side-elevation transparent LCD screens, there's not much differentiating the Willie from a traditional bus - except for its "organic" frame.

Said frame is contorted into all sorts of shapes, and is meant to create "an impression of restless energy attempting to cut through the unblemished surface of the glass [screen]."

But if the Willie bus makes it into production, chances are the screens will be switched on most of the time, displaying advertisements on the road and useful information for passengers at bus stops.

We like the bus-as-television idea, but we can't help but wonder if it will create yet another distraction for drivers, and why there don't seem to be windows that open for passengers? Head below to watch a demonstration of the Willie bus concept in action.
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