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This Tongue Piercing Will Help You Drive Wheelchair

A hi-tech magnet that lets patients suffering from paralysis drive wheelchairs with a simple flick of their tongue has been developed. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that individuals with paralysis were able to use a tongue-controlled technology to access computers and execute commands for their wheelchairs at speeds that were significantly faster than those recorded in sipand-puff wheelchairs.

Sip-and-puff system is the most popular assistive technology for controlling a wheelchair. Users sip or puff air into a straw mounted on their wheelchair to execute four basic commands that drive the chair.

The tongue drive system is controlled by the position of the user's tongue. Sensors in the tongue stud relay the tongue's position to a headset, which then executes up to six commands based on the tongue position. The idea was floated by dermatolgy professor Anne Laumann.
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