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This Camera Can Take 3D Photos In Pitch Dark

A new camera that can create 3D images in almost complete dark conditions has been developed by MIT researchers. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Research Laboratory of Electronics describe a new lidar-like system that can gauge depth when only a single photon is detected from each location.

Since a conventional lidar system would require about 100 times as many photons to make depth estimates of similar accuracy under comparable conditions, the new system could yield substantial savings in energy and time — which are at a premium in autonomous vehicles trying to avoid collisions.

The system can also use the same reflected photons to produce images of a quality that a conventional imaging system would require 900 times as much light to match — and it works much more reliably than lidar in bright sunlight , when ambient light can yield misleading readings, Ahmed Kirmani, lead author on the study, said. According to BBC News, the camera "can create 3D-images in almost pitch black conditions."
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