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Not Just Amazon, DHL Is Also Testing Delivery Drones In Germany

Retailers like Amazon and couriers like UPS already made into news for considering drones as their couriers to deliver your purchases but now the world largest courier service DHL is testing drones as a way to deliver packages. An internal announcement reveals that the “Paketkopter” will deliver packages to the DHL headquarters from 09.12. to 13.12.2013 in Bonn, heise.de reports.

Employees can choose from a list of nine common cold medicines. The drone will fly off in a pharmacy (distance: 2,7km) between 12am and 2pm and cross the Rhine in a straight line. This is for now, in near future depending on the results of this test the company plans to expand their drone delivery systems.

Now imagine the biggest courier service using drones to deliver your stuff. The sky will be really chocked. Please leave your comments and opinion. 
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