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James Bond Style GPS Bullet Will Help Cops Track Criminals

US cops have been armed with new technology that looks straight out of a James Bond movie — a GPS bullet that can track the location of a suspect's car.

Police pursuits can be dangerous and sometimes people get hurt or even killed. With the new device potentially dangerous pursuit can be avoided, and the suspect can be safely apprehended.

The StarChase system uses a compressed air launcher mounted in the grill of a police vehicle to launch a GPS device, which adheres to a suspect's vehicle. The system can track and pinpoint a suspect's vehicle location and speed in near real time.

The tracking tag continually updates position coordinates, enabling dispatchers to track the vehicle's movements on a secure map. StarChase is already in use in four US states — Iowa, Florida, Arizona and Colorado — and the firm behind it is now keen to get the system into the UK, 'BBC News' reported. However, the system comes with a hefty price tag — it costs $5,000 and each round is priced at $500. According to the Star-Chase company, new data shows that on average, a tagged suspect vehicle slows to within 16 km of the posted speed limit in one minute 45 seconds. Suspects were apprehended in more than 80% of the cases observed.

Additionally, there were no injuries, fatalities or property damage, according to the report.
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