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Harry Potter Ultra Thin Invisibility Cloak A Reality Now

Scientists have designed a new ultrathin 'Harry Potter-style' invisibility cloak which hides objects over a wide range of frequencies. Up until now, the invisibility cloaks put forward by scientists have been fairly bulky contraptions — an obvious flaw for those interested in Harry Potter-style applications.

However, researchers from the US have developed a cloak that is just micrometres thick and can hide three-dimensional objects from microwaves in their natural environment, in all directions and from all of the observers' positions.

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, have used a new, ultra-thin layer called a "metascreen."

The metascreen cloak was made by attaching strips of 66 micrometre-thick copper tape to a 100 micrometrethick , flexible polycarbonate film in a fishnet design.

It was used to cloak an 18 cm cylindrical rod from microwaves and showed optimal functionality when the microwaves were at a frequency of 3.6 GHz and over a moderately broad bandwidth.

The researchers also predict that due to the inherent conformability of the metascreen and the robustness of the proposed cloaking technique, oddly shaped and asymmetrical objects can be cloaked with the same principles.

Objects are detected when waves — whether they are sound, light, x-rays or microwaves — rebound off its surface.
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