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These Glasses Can Warn People Against ‘Date Rape’ Drugs

Researchers have designed new glasses, cups and straws that can warn if your drink is spiked by changing colour as they come in contact with three common "daterape" drugs. The US researchers created a line of 16-ounce cups and straws that change colours when they come in contact with common " date rape" drugs like ketamine, Rohypnol and GHB.

In an attempt to reduce drug-facilitated sexual assault, DrinkSavvy founder Mike Abramson teamed up with chemistry professor John Mac-Donald at Worcester Polytechnic institute in Massachusetts to develop the glassware.

Abramson decided to create the glassware line after he was himself affected by the daterape drugs, New York Daily News reported. "In the past three years, three of my close friends, and myself have been unwitting victims of drug slipped into our drink," Abramson said. " Now our goal is to have as many bars and clubs as possible to simply swap out their current drinkware for DrinkSavvy drinkware, making it the new safety standard," said Abramson.
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