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A Sprayable Coffee To Take Care Of Your Caffeine Needs

Soon, you will be spraying your coffee instead of drinking it! A spray that can give coffee lovers their much needed caffeine fix, without having to drink it at all, has been developed by a Harvard researcher.

Biochemist Ben Yu in collaboration with Venture Capitalist Deven Soni created 'Sprayable Energy,' which they say delivers the same caffeine buzz as coffee. The Sprayable Energy spray consists of water, caffeine and an amino acid that helps the body absorb it. Four squirts of the odourless spray on a person's neck or wrists can provide roughly the same caffeine as a small cup of coffee, 'New York Daily News' reported.

However, because the product is absorbed through the skin, it is claimed that the spray gives less of a jolt and fewer lingering jitters than an average drink. "We definitely recommend four or five sprays, and no more than 20 per day," Soni said.

"Skin has a saturation point, and there are only a few places on the body with the concentration of blood vessels where the product will work best," she said. Soni and Yu hope that they can attract enough people who are put off by the adverse physical effects of coffee and artificial ingredient list in energy drinks, the report said.

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