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A Wearable Gym? These Discreets armband Are 24kg Dumbbell

Weight training conjures images of large sweaty men heaving even larger weights. But an armband-like device could change all that by letting you lift up to 24kg without the use of large equipment.

The O2 Magnetic Dumbbell allows users to do a full and adjustable programme of weight training using the power of magnets.
The two rings, designed by South Korean students, are worn above and below the elbow.

They are powered by embedded electromagnets that provide varying degrees of push and pull resistance.

The dumbbells claim to provide the user with all the benefits of traditional dumbbells without the effort of changing equipment for each exercise.

The strength of these electromagnets can be set by adjusting the level of electric power according to the work out intensity needed.

The display indicates 8-circled bars which each represents an additional weight of 3kg. The users are then able to choose the right training weight ranging from between 3kg to 24kg.

It even keeps track of your workout. Repetitions of each training-set are indicated on the display in the middle of the device so that you never lose count.

Its small size and magnetism also means it is easily transportable. The dumbbell was designed by by Suhyun Yoo, Hongseok Kim and Juhyeon Lee of Kookmin University.

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