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How Smarter And Lighter Space Suits Will Be In Future ?

Like any other scientific field, space science is getting more and more complex that means astronauts have to perform alot more complex operations in the space which requires maximum mobility and that ofcourse is unthinkable with their currently heavy space suites.

The good news is that in future astronauts should expect a lighter, more practical suit for suborbital and orbital commercial space travel.

A new "3G" space suit was unveiled at Capitol Hill this week by Final Frontier, a Brooklyn-based space company.

This suit is the third iteration of the design, and took four years to research and develop. A previous version won the 2013 Popular Science Invention Award. The new version of the suit has 13 adjustable points for sizing and multiple cooling loops to keep it from overheating. The new suit is "comfortable, lightweight, and inexpensive," according to a Final Frontier press release.

The suit was made by a two-man team, consisting of Nik Moiseev, a Russian space suit designer, and Ted Southern, a former costume designer who created the Victoria's Secret angel wings famously worn by runway models.

The 3G suit, a full pressure IVA space suit, was designed expressly for the commercial space industry, both suborbital and orbital, and is safe, comfortable, lightweight, and inexpensive. It is made for operation at +5 PSI, is built for flight certification, and weighs in at less than 15 pounds.

The 3G suit includes a host of unique and original features, including:

  • Hinged pressure tight visor
  • Carbon fiber waist ring
  • 13 individual adjustment point for sizing
  • Proprietary single layer pressure garment system
  • Simple and large chest entry
  • Cooling loops to the head, chest, hands and feet
  • Detachable, high dexterity gloves
  • Integrated communications port
  • Lightweight, accessible pressure regulator
  • Self Donning/Doffing capable.

FFD’s 3G suit is the culmination of more than 4 years of internal space suit development, and was funded in part by a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. FFD is in negotiations for delivery of at least 5 additional suits in 2013, including suits for NASTAR and Zero2Infinity.
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