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Neuro Knitted Scarves: Idea To Print Your Brainwave On Cloths

The unique scarf designs are created by linking a person's head up to a monitor and measuring the electronic impulses in their mind when a song is played. The signals are recorded onto a computer and translated into a graph, which shows all the brain activity.

After the information has been recorded it is entered into a knitting machine which uses two colours of wool to make a long scarf in the patterns of the brainwaves.

The designers have named the process 'neuro knitting.' Each line of wool in the scarf equates to one second of brain activity.

One of the scarves created so far was made when one of the designers had his brainwaves monitored when listening to Goldberg Variations by Johann Bach.

Currently the creative idea is not a business as only two scarves have been completed so far. However the designers, Varvara Guljajeva, Mar Canet Sola, and Sebastian Mealla from Barcelona have now been flooded with hundreds of requests from people wanting to have their own neuro knit.
They plan on charging £180 for each scarf.

The trio of designers said that they have always been interested in the development of technology and the possible new trends it can create.They planned on doing 'something extraordinary and crazy' with knitting.

A spokesman for their company Knitic said: 'Neuro Knitting is about measuring the neural correlate of affective responses to a given stimulus and mapping it to a knitting pattern that later will shape a specific garment. In order for a person's brainwaves to be read, they must wear a non-invasive EEG headset.

This records a person's electrical activity in their mind while listening to a musical piece. Once the brainwaves have been captured, the EEG features are converted to a knitting pattern using software developed by the designers.

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