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Just 'Tile' Your Items And Never Loose Them Again

Lost keys. A misplaced wallet. A stolen bike or guitar. Everyone has dealt with the hassle, frustration and stress that comes with losing their things, but today a new company, Tile, is launching a matchbook-­‐sized Bluetooth Low Energy device that aims to ignite a community movement around keeping track of the small, or big, items in life.

Through a Selfstarter campaign, Tile’s goal is to raise $20,000 to begin production for its small device that will prevent people from ever losing important items again. Anyone interested in pre-ordering Tiles may do so here.

Tile is the first device of its kind. While competitors are restricted by Bluetooth’s typical connectivity range of 100 feet, Tile’s range can go far beyond that by using the Bluetooth connection of neighboring iPhones running the Tile app to cast a wider search net.

Asking for a mere 20,000, the creators of Tile have a big problem on their hands. Lots of cash. With only hours remaining on the crowd sourced project, it now has more than $2,543,777 of funding. This translate to the astounding figure of being 12,719% funded. This is pretty insane, especially when you consider the expected production processes used for the Tile now needs to be completely rethought.
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