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Face Recognition, With Probably The Most Positive Use

Face Recognition can be considered one of the most controversial technology we have developed in the past years. Social networks and governments might be using it to spy on us. But here is a positive concept which we may see embedded in many gadgets of near future.

Extending this concept to telephones, the Elderly E Phone uses image recognition rather than a keypad for the entering of phone numbers. It is aimed at the silver generation, who have a hard time dialing or remembering numbers.

The designers explain, “Elderly e Phone concept uses simple image recognition for the making of calls. First, the phone must be pre-set with the numbers that correspond to particular facial photographs of one’s contacts. When a call is to be made to one of these people, the user simply needs to hold the phone’s image finder above the photograph and press ‘OK’. The phone will recall the appropriate number and the call will be placed directly.”

Elderly E Phone is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winning entry.

Designers: Prof. Dai Yunting, Lu Junshi, Liu Fei, Jiang Ying & Zhu Yunpeng
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