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Awesome Future Job: Crew A Luxury Offshore Wind Turbine

The wind turbine loft concept by Bulgarian interdisciplinary design studio Morphocode proposes the installation of several residential units situated within the volumes of off-shore turbine nacelles.

The solution aims to provide constant shelter for a group of technicians taking care of the functional integrity of the turbine. the inhabitants of the space will take care of the technical inspections, monitoring and diagnostics of the equipment, necessary to keep the turbine’s life-span as long as possible. instead of pursuing a design that references the traditional loft typology, the architectural plan embraces the exploration of un-occupied territories and living opportunities for workers.

As offshore wind turbines increase dramatically in size, the need for expert monitoring becomes more and more important, says Greta and Kiril of Morphocode. 

A large wind farm may consist of several hundred individual wind turbines distributed over a large body of water: endless arrays of turbine towers create a surreal grid in a lonely landscape. this odd and isolated site often remains hidden in the vastnest of the aquatic realm – seen only by the few, who are destined to serve the long lasting swing of the white giants.

Originally appeared on Design Boom

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