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Seamless Clothing: Is This What We Are Going To Wear In Future

Things are changing, minimalism and practicality is becoming more and more necessary to avoid any further efforts and to maximize the resources. This will apply to everything with even greater extent in future and trust me our cloths wont leave this principle behind either.

Now here is one example how our future dresses will look like. I know exactly what you’re thinking- would I wear that?! Well, according to designer Yitzhak Abecassis, you’ll wear it in the future! The idea behind the Body as Joint collection is a life without buttons, zippers, or even sewing machines. Instead, solid neoprene sheets are laser-cut with thoughtfully placed slits.

Even if you’re skeptical- you’ve gotta admit that stranger things have come off the runway… or GaGa for that matter.

Designer: Yitzhak Abecassis
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