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Recon: The Alternate Of Google Glass Is Ready To Go On Sale

No doubt, Google Glass is awesome, but it's whopping $1,500. And its not just the amount, Google won't even take your filthy money right now. Glass is still being tested in the Explorer Program, so what can you do if you need Android in your eyeball right now? Recon Instruments is here to help.

The company's Android-based Recon Jet Pilot Edition heads-up display (HUD) is going up for pre-order today. It's going to sell for $499, but only if you act fast.

The Recon Jet is designed with athletic uses in mind, but it's not like the company is going to check up on you to make sure you're using it right. The device is built on a sportier pair of glasses than the frames used in Glass, but this is a consumer-focused product. Recon is going to be releasing a specialized Jet SDK that can assist developers in designing apps for the device, but the HUD will come with apps for cyclists and runners.

The Recon Jet runs Jelly Bean, but the UI will probably be completely redesigned – the promo images above look a bit like Glass. Inside, it's running on a dual-core 1GHz ARM chip, 8GB of storage, and 1GB of RAM. It has WiFi, ANT+, GPS, a camera, an array of sensors, and that tiny LCD screen with QVGA resolution. There is an optical touchpad for input, and it works with gloves (neat). Recon says the components only add 14 grams to the mass of the eyewear, and it's evenly distributed on both sides.

The $499 price is only valid for pre-orders placed before July 21st. After that, it's going up to $599. Recon expects to ship the Recon Jet Pilot Edition glasses by year's end. The pre-order should be going live now at their website.

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