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Hydro Aero: A Self Sufficient Skyscraper Of Future

What is the most luxurious thing in a desert? Yes, it is water! Now imagine a system that can take out water from hot and nearly dry air and can also capable of extracting and storing the electrical energy created by the copulation of wind and light! Isn’t that awesome. It sounds somewhat surreal and extremely futuristic. The Hydro Aero Device is indeed a futuristic design. It is a skyscraper designed to be a desert survivor where water is a luxury and installing solar panels for electricity production is extremely expensive. The Hydro Aero Device takes care of both the problems.

Hydro Aero Device Extracts Water from Air

The Hydro Aero Device consists of cold tubes. When moist air in desert comes in contact with the cold tubes, the water vapors in the air get condensed and are deposited on the walls. The water droplets then trickle down and are collected in a tank located centrally. The collected water is then distributed to the travelers, the residents of the region and to the building. The clean water that is collected is actually transported through one-sidedly open canals. This system allows moisture retention.

Hydro Aero Device Recycles Grey Water

Grey water or used water is generally thrown away. This is wastage and especially in a desert area, this is a crime! This elevation comes with a system of water recycling. The inhabited levels of the Hydro Aero Device uses the grey water where the water is filtered. The recycled water is then stored in glass housing present in the building. This whole system is a closed circulation system that allows better and more efficient use of the water.

Hydro Aero Devices Captures Electricity from Wind and Light

Light is known to have piezoelectric strips. When wind passes through these strips, the friction between the wind and the piezoelectric strips produces kinetic energy from which electricity is produced. This entire thing is possible because the Hydro Aero Device has a chimney like structure which efficiently traps air molecules, which in turn creates motion in piezoelectric strips. The resultant electricity produced by the kinetic energy is then stored in batteries which are hidden in the construction beams of the vertical structure.

The Hydro Aero Device is a brain child of the designers Tomasz Janus and Bartłomiej Gowin. Because of the super sophisticated concept and extremely well-executed design, the Hydro Aero Device deserves a 5 star rating even though we will never experience this in our lifetime!

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