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EuropaCity Is The Ultra-Green Mall Of The Future

Europa City is an ambitious project based on the idea of creating an absolute must and stop place, at the national and international scale. The objective is to show and explain the European features, country by country, with a project mixing retail, leisure and cultural activities. Each European country is shown through a specific location.

Dedicated to the French but also to all the tourists who come to visit Europe, the goal is to give a first vision of Europe, before continuing the trip.

Project is taking place in a complex site, along the motorway between the Charles de Gaule Airport in Roissy and Paris. With its very big program, around 500,000-600,000 m2, the project is supposed to upgrade site and surroundings. The project will certainly be the beginning of a complete improvement of this north part of Paris linked to Roissy.

The architecture develops itself in a “star shape”, corresponding at the same time to several goals: to the program needs and to the context needs.

Each branch elongates itself into the landscape, allowing surroundings to be closer and mixed with indoors and outdoors programs.

Roof is a sort of technological skin, mixing in a sensible way a lot of sustainable goals: water is collected and recycled, solar energy is created with more than 20,000 m2 of photovoltaic cells, greenery protects and isolates indoors spaces. Some public spaces are created on the roof too, emphasizing beautiful views on the Parisian plain.

Project details

  • PROJECT: NAME Europa City 
  • LOCATION: Gonesse, France 
  • PROGRAM: Mixed-use project with retail, shopping mall, leisure and cultural activities, indoor and outdoor sports activities, hotels, offices and convention center 
  • AREA: Project Area: 600,000 m2 (building) + 700,000 m2 (landscape and outdoor activities) 
  • YEAR: Competition: 2012 
  • CLIENT: Immochan 
  • PROJECT: BY Manuelle Gautrand Architecture 
  • TEAM: Design Team: Olivier Evrard 
  • OTHERS: Sustainable: Franck Boutté • Landscape: D. Besson-Girard • Cultural Consultant: Troisième Pôle • Public Space Engineering: SNC Lavalin • Quality Surveyor: Vanguard

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