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This Wristband Lets You Write In The Mid Air

Computer scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed a way to write using only the motions of your wrist.

It’s something for those of us who just can’t be bothered to type, let alone hold an actual pencil.

Users wear a glove containing sensors, which relay signals to a computer that converts wrist motions to text, allowing for simple writing “by air.”

Actually, this new tech was developed with smart phones, tablets and future technologies (like Google’s Project Glass) in mind, which typically lack proper keyboards or other input types. The ability to simply gesture into the air and “write” does away with the problem of clunky, external inputs altogether.
“The system offers a new interface for wearable computing applications. These are computer systems worn like clothes, which can be integrated seamlessly into the everyday life of the user.”
So maybe someday we’ll all write using our special wrist-writer thingies, and charge them with our fancy Power Felt t-shirts (that’s nanotech fabric, don’t you know).
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